Jim Blasingame

Comparing the presidential candidates on small business issues – Part II

Jim Blasingame reveals how the two presidential candidates compare based on promises and performance in healthcare, entrepreneurship, the environment, and managing the pandemic.

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Jim Blasingame shares a few ideas to get you started with your December cleaning and preparation for 2021 performance and profitability.
Jim Blasingame to complete his review of the remaining elements in his 2020 predictions, including demographics, geopolitics, U.S. politics, and NCAA National Championship prediction.
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Jim Blasingame compares how the Plymouth colony was very much like the currently polarized America, and how we can take a lesson from how they sorted out their differences and moved forward productively.
Jim Blasingame tells the story about the first English colony at Plymouth, including the cause-and-effect implications that converged with serendipity and humanity to become the seed bed of America.