Jim Blasingame

Using intangibles to help you find more success

Jim Blasingame reveals how to find more success by blending the intangible of happiness with the hard, business operating tangibles.

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Your Blockchain close encounter of the first kind
Jim Blasingame reveals some of the likely first-use Blockchain applications you'll encounter as you do business in the future.
Jim Blasingame reveals a number of unprecedented digital leverage implications, their impact on trust, and why we all have to be participants in reconciling our analog past with our digital future.
Jim Blasingame reveals how Blockchain will become the likely example of how humans will transition from analog trust to digital trust in the marketplace, including how Blockchain works.
Jim Blasingame discussed the current and increasing debate about how we view privacy, and the fact that we have to join this debate to prevent Big Tech and the government from harming us with their solutions.
Jim Blasingame reveals the first of three monologues on Blockchain, this one is about how Blockchain came to be, how it’s being used, and why you should care.