Jim Blasingame

God speed, Judy Glaser, Andy Gause, gone too soon

Jim Blasingame laments the passing of two very important members of his Brain Trust, Dr. Judith Glaser and Andy Gause, and why the world is worse off from their passing.

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Jim Blasingame celebrates Memorial Day by remembering four people - by name - who are part of his life, and who gave their lives so we have the opportunity to enjoy liberty: Joel Mock, Danny McGee, Joel Forrester, and Matt McCormick.
Jim Blasingame reminds us of the origins of Memorial Day, and how the coronavirus pandemic should make us all even more reverential to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve liberty.
Jim Blasingame reveals some of the power-grabbing policies of state and local politicians as they attempt to control us during this pandemic emergency.
Jim Blasingame reveals how the wake of the coronavirus will create a number of shifts and disruptions that you must be prepared for, including business model, demographics and technology.
Jim Blasingame reports on recent polling that shows two-thirds of small business owners are prepared to defy government edicts and reopen their businesses.