Jim Blasingame

A layman’s guide to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Jim Blasingame shares his take on the topic of Bitcoin, how it is valued, how it works, and compares it to your electronic banking money, which is completely different.

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Wisdom from The Small Business Advocate
Jim Blasingame shares his small business expertise.
Jim Blasingame reports on the recent online poll that shows over 70% of small businesses intend to vote for candidates that support policies that are good for small businesses.
Jim Blasingame explains why what’s good for small business is good for the world, and why small business owners should be single-issue voters for their businesses.
Jim Blasingame reveals why the Index of small business optimism by the NFIB tracks a more authentic sector of the economy than any other.
Jim Blasingame reveals why there’s a direct connection between anything that helps America’s small businesses helps the rest of the world.