Jim Blasingame

Welcome to Amazonia, third rock from the sun

Jim Blasingame tells a story about what Earth could look like if Main Street gives into the big boxes, instead of becoming the economic leaders that they can be.

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A word from Jim
Jim Blasingame share his thoughts from his latest column.
Jim Blasingame discusses why it’s essential that Americans get back to disagreeing instead of fighting about our differences, which is what our enemies are counting on, and indeed contributing to.
Jim Blasingame reveals that as fear and greed are under assault by digital forces, six other motivators are essentially unchanged.
Jim Blasingame joins Jim Blasingame to report on his recent poll of small business owners that indicated the economic expansion had finally reached Main Street, and some reasons why.
Jim Blasingame reveals that Naisbitt’s Razor – the more high tech we have, the more high touch we’ll want – must be the foundation of a small business market strategy.