Jim Blasingame

Welcome to Amazonia, third rock from the sun

Jim Blasingame tells a story about what Earth could look like if Main Street gives into the big boxes, instead of becoming the economic leaders that they can be.

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Who's doing the CEO's job in your small business?
Jim Blasingame reveals the three focal points of the job of CEO and how that person can't be the founder, owner or manager.
Jim Blasingame reveals why an interest rate increase by the Fed today won’t hurt the Main Street economy and small businesses.
Jim Blasingame talks about the historic and unprecedented summit this week between President Trump and Kim Jung Un, and why nothing bad will result from what has happened so far.
Jim Blasingame reveals research that indicates four findings from research into what it takes to accomplish change successfully, and how to convert those findings in your business.
Jim Blasingame discusses his new book, The 3rd Ingredient, which reveals the real reason why controversies like the ones involving Facebook, Amazon, etc., are due to a lack of ethics, not the use of artificial intelligence.