Jim Blasingame

Welcome to Amazonia, third rock from the sun

Jim Blasingame tells a story about what Earth could look like if Main Street gives into the big boxes, instead of becoming the economic leaders that they can be.

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Wisdom from The Small Business Advocate
Jim Blasingame offers more than 20 years of knowledge as The Small Business Advocate.
Jim Blasingame reveals that the only thing constant in our digital future is the analog humans who will struggle with getting our ethics to move at the speed of light.
Jim Blasingame reveals how businesses are evaluated today, which is different from word-of-mouth, and how UGC produces the “Nu-uh” effect that keeps your brand message honest.
Jim Blasingame uses the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica controversy to reveal who’s really at fault – you might be surprised – and to explain the difference between analog ethics and digital ethics.
Jim Blasingame reveals the role of a CEO in a small business, what the job entails, and why the founder has to assume that job and perform it regularly.