Jim Blasingame

Does your technology meet customer relevance expectations?

Jim Blasingame reveals some of the technology relevance factors that business have to deliver to meet customer expectations before the find out if you’re competitive or not.

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Blockchain isn’t the end of trust, it’s the future of trust
Jim Blasingame continues his three-part series on Blockchain, explaining how it works and its role in creating digital trust.
Jim Blasingame discussed the current and increasing debate about how we view privacy, and the fact that we have to join this debate to prevent Big Tech and the government from harming us with their solutions.
Jim Blasingame reveals the first of three monologues on Blockchain, this one is about how Blockchain came to be, how it’s being used, and why you should care.
Jim Blasingame reveals why this Independence Day, we should wear our liberty around on our sleeve, to replace all past grievances and imagined indignations.
Jim Blasingame reveals how American entrepreneurship was born with the advent of converting freedom into liberty, and the world is a better place for it. Happy Independence Day.