Jim Blasingame

Offering evidence in praise of achievement

Why isn't achievement used to describe accomplishment more than success? Jim Blasingame offers talk about the similarity and differences between success and achievement, and to recommend thinking more about the latter.

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Mastering the sales discipline to shut up
Jim Blasingame reveals that to be a successful salesperson you need to know when to shut up and listen.
Jim Blasingame reflects on the fact that one evil person can do more damage than many good people, unless those good people work together.
Jim Blasingame reveals the three words terrorism hates and why the global small business sector is one of our best defenses against terrorism.
Jim Blasingame asks those politicians who espouse that we should create a socialist system in America how they’re going to create, maintain and grow jobs and wages with their system.
Jim Blasingame reveals how Labor Day got started in 19th-century America and asks why there still is no national holiday for the real heroes of the U.S. economy, small businesses.