Jim Blasingame

Your success - or not - is 100% up to you and nothing else

What is the single greatest factor in your success or failure? Jim Blasingame reveals why the most important piece of real estate that factors in your success or failure in life or business is the 5 inches between your ears, and how to manage that fact.

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The New Regular: The Small Business Standup Act
Jim Blasingame shares his 12th article in his New Regular series, this one dealing with staying relevant.
Jim Blasingame reports on the current state of PPP forgiveness documents and policies between you, your bank and the SBA.
Jim Blasingame reports on an increasing level of niches in the post-pandemic economy, some of which will be new, and some will be variations on past niches, but all will be to serve current customer expectations.
Jim Blasingame reveals how his company got caught in the web of a troll law firm that extorts money from businesses that accidentally breach a copyright online, and why this is akin to cyber-crime, ransomware.
Jim Blasingame reveals why Brainstorming is more important post-pandemic that ever, because it helps you get out of your own way and pivot to the New Regular customers are expecting from you.