Jay Mincks

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What can small business learn from a big company about survival? Jay Mincks talks with Jim Blasingame about his take on how small businesses can survive and thrive in a challenging economy, including how critical it is to stay close to customers and demonstrate enthusiasm.
On the ninth anniversary of the Small Business Advocate Show, Jay talks about what a professional employer organization is, how it works, and why you would want to consider such a relationship.
On the occasion of Administaff’s 20th anniversary, Jay joins Jim to discuss what it takes to grow a small business into a big business and still execute like an entrepreneurial organization.
Jay joins Jim live at the Administaff Small Business Classic near Houston to talk about running a big-time sales and marketing organization.
Jim and Jay discuss the Administaff Small Business Classic, which is the Champions Tour golf tournament in Houston, Texas. They also talk about the complexity of being an employer and how Administaff can help.