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When is the hard way better than the easy way? Ivan Misner joins Jim Blasingame to talk about taking the hard way to approaching challenges and opportunities, instead of the easy way. They also talk about the future of space travel and aliens.
Networking is a powerful tool. Ivan Misner joins Jim Blasingame live from The BNI National Conference in Orlando, FL to talk about the Achilles heel of networking in order to better understand the strengths.
Want to know how to take your charitable giving to the next level with a foundation? Ivan Misner talks with Jim Blasingame about his 10-year old charitable foundation and how he was able to create and operate a smaller foundation by joining a larger fund that provides administration and auditing, but Ivan still gets to direct his contributions to the charities of his choice.
International Networking Week is the week that extra emphasis and awareness is given to this 21st century skill that is critical for small business owners to have. Ivan talks with Jim about this week and some of the things that are happening around the world in recognition it.
How does online networking compare to in-person networking? Ivan talks with Jim about this, plus now attitude plays a part in successful networking.
What does a butterfly have to do with networking? Ivan talks with Jim about how the butterfly effect impacted him and how it can be involved in virtually every human interaction we have.
After a brief discussion about why a networking organization is not possible in the communist environment of mainland China, Ivan and Jim make the direct connection between sales success and networking in the 21st century.
One of the best ways to learn things is by seeing the wrong way to do something. Ivan joins Jim to talk about some of the networking <i>faux pas</i> that you should avoid when you're trying to build business relationships.
Ivan joins Jim to kick off International Networking Week, which is the first full week of February, and what activities are happening around the world. They also talk about what it means to be a successful networker.
Visionaries have been talking about networking for decades, but what is the future of networking. Ivan is one of the world's top networking experts and he joins Jim to talk about the future of this very important element of small business success.