Ivan Misner

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Joining Jim during his 8th anniversary celebration, Ivan talks about what he calls "scorched earth networking," which is doing all of the wrong networking things. Tune in to see if you're guilty of this unfortunate behavior, or what to do about it if you're the victim of it.
Ivan and Jim talk about how to make sure the people who know you are giving you as many referrals as possible.
Just back from Davos, Switzerland, Ivan discusses how he trained a CNN anchor to interview participants at a networking gathering. He and Jim go on to discuss some of the myths of getting customer referrals.
Ivan tells Jim his own story to give examples of networking skills that every small business owner should have.
Jim and Ivan discuss what's different with networking in other countries versus the United States.
Jim and Ivan talk about how failing in the beginnning does not always mean that you will not succeed.
Jim and Ivan talk about the things that make a person and business successful.
Ivan joins Jim to talk about success and how networking will help you reach your goals.
Jim and Ivan talk about his new book. They also talk about the three levels of business conversations and the one that helps establish relationships.
Jim and Ivan talk about networking resolutions and how they are going so far this year. They also discuss how to successfully organize all of the business cards that you have collected.