Jim Blasingame

It’s time to be more afraid of politicians than the pandemic

Jim Blasingame reveals some of the power-grabbing policies of state and local politicians as they attempt to control us during this pandemic emergency.

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Jim Blasingame reveals why every project or business period must include at least two projections, including one for how you think it will go, and at least one for what happens if you get hit by The Compounding Effect.
Jim Blasingame reveals the maxim he coined “when it starts going bad, it all goes bad,” and the name he gave it, “The Compounding Effect,” and how to prepare to minimize its effects on your business.
Jim Blasingame reveals the enormity of the cost on many levels of the recent pandemic shutdown, and why we must learn from it – mistakes and successes – so we never shut down the economy again.
Jim reveals that America is a great – but not perfect – country for all citizens. That the list of our greatness is much longer than the short list of our mistakes and we can’t find solutions unless we focus more on the former.
Jim Blasingame shares his thoughts on the difference between a mother’s love and a father's love, and why the latter is the harder job.