Jim Blasingame

Why would anyone want to start a radio program?

Jim Blasingame reveals what was going on in 1997 that led him to think he wanted to become a syndicated radio talk show host.

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Jim Blasingame reveals how his company got caught in the web of a troll law firm that extorts money from businesses that accidentally breach a copyright online, and why this is akin to cyber-crime, ransomware.
Jim Blasingame reveals why Brainstorming is more important post-pandemic that ever, because it helps you get out of your own way and pivot to the New Regular customers are expecting from you.
Jim Blasingame to discuss the fact that there are forces – foreign and domestic – that hate America and what it stands for, and want to destroy it, and why Americans have to take action to take back our country.
Jim Blasingame reports on the reality of more bankruptcies in the future as a result of the coronavirus shutdowns, and on new reforms that will help small businesses reorganize under Chapter 11 and keep their businesses.
Jim Blasingame reveals three words – ownership, expectations and belief – which we must all keep top of mind as we navigate the current pandemic shutdown.