Jim Blasingame

You’re a member of the Legendary Quantum Leap Generation

Jim Blasingame reveals the real reasons why there’s so much anxiety about technology after all these years, and why that makes us the Quantum Leap Generation.

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The intangible force of organizational special sauce
Jim Blasingame reveals that organizational special sauce is an incalculable, unprojectable, and intangible force.
Jim Blasingame to discuss why the way you prepare for the next Black Swan event should not matter what hits you, as long as you’re prepared for a hit.
Jim Blasingame reveals the difference between a Black Swan event and the Black Swan Theory, and why you should prepare your business for the latter.
Jim Blasingame reveals the Lincoln model for maintaining your good humor and perspective even when the world has kicked you hard, by appealing to the “better angels” of your nature.
Jim Blasingame reveals the life and hard times of Abraham Lincoln, and how all his life’s experiences can serve as cautionary tales and inspiration for every small business owner.