Jim Blasingame

Blockchain isn’t the end of trust – it’s the future of trust

Jim Blasingame reveals how Blockchain will become the likely example of how humans will transition from analog trust to digital trust in the marketplace, including how Blockchain works.

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Revealed: Financial Mysteries Four and Five
Jim Blasingame reveals the final two financial mysteries.
Jim Blasingame discusses the loss of the Democratic Party that dates back to Jefferson, and how progressive presidential hopefuls represent something different from what their party originally stood for.
Jim Blasingame reveals reveals that Financial Mystery Number Two is that you can be profitable and not be cash positive, and Number Three means that the cash in hand isn’t profit you can spend.
Jim Blasingame reveals why the younger generation’s lack of regard for history could be dangerous as business owners if they regard management fundamentals as old school, when they’re actually THE school.
Jim Blasingame reveals how disruptions in oil prices, minimum wage increases, and the big three -- housing/auto/manufacturing – don’t have the same impact today as they did in the 20th century.