Jim Blasingame

Jim tells the entrepreneurial story of how he founded his media company

Jim Blasingame takes a segment and celebrates the 19th anniversary of his one-of-a-kind radio program, dedicated to small business, how it began and how he’s sustained it.

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A word from Jim Blasingame
Jim Blasingame offers sage words of advice for small business owners.
Jim Blasingame reminds you about the force that’s causing a once-in-10,000-year shift from the Age of the Seller to the Age of the Customer, and why you disregard this understanding at your peril.
Jim Blasingame discusses the life and hard times of one of history’s most remarkable leaders, and the irony of why he continues to inspire us.
Jim reveals that you can have a pretty good indication of what’s in your future by noticing trends and then extending their implications out to the next level.
Jim reveals that, unlike the CWCS I Syndrome, which affects employees, the Level II of this condition is found only in management, and happens when they get too far away from customers.