Jim Blasingame

Jim tells the entrepreneurial story of how he founded his media company

Jim Blasingame takes a segment and celebrates the 19th anniversary of his one-of-a-kind radio program, dedicated to small business, how it began and how he’s sustained it.

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A word from Jim
Jim Blasingame shares his thoughts from his latest column.
Jim Blasingame reports on a recent online poll of small business owners and how these results have changed over the past few years, for the better.
Jim Blasingame reveals the steps of business planning, how it’s the extension of a business plan and what the components are and how they’re used.
Jim Blasingame reveals why blockchain was invented, how it’s used, how it will be used, and why the things it’s the next Internet-class disruptor, only to a much greater degree.
Jim Blasingame shares his take on the topic of Bitcoin, how it is valued, how it works, and compares it to your electronic banking money, which is completely different.