Jim Blasingame

Three reasons small business owners don't plan for retirement

Why don't small business owners do better retirement planning? Jim Blasingame reveals the challenges small businesses face when planing for retirement, including three reasons why it doesn't happen as often as it should.

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When cause and effect met humanity and the world got better
Jim Blasingame tells the story of how Old World and New World individuals came together in 1621 to contribute to the origins of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Happy Thanksgiving.
Jim Blasingame reports on an online poll asking small business owners about how a Harris/Biden administration will be for their business, with over half saying it will not be good.
Jim Blasingame discusses key perspectives on how and why you should grow your business as we move through the pandemic period and beyond.
Jim Blasingame discusses the likelihood that a Harris/Biden administration will almost certainly impose national, federal mandates of some kind with regard to the pandemic.
Jim Blasingame discusses the current political dynamic going around the stimulus debate, and whether small businesses should expect any more help from the government any time soon.