Jim Blasingame

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Jim Blasingame reveals why CEOs have to learn how to differentiate the signal from the noise, including how to identify the signal that looks and sounds like noise, only because it doesn’t fit your paradigm.
Jim Blasingame shares his ideas on separating the signal from the noise in the marketplace and workplace, and how to help our teams made that distinction.
Jim Blasingame reveals how mice, politicians and business owners should behave when the world shifts paradigms and someone moves your cheese.
Jim Blasingame reports on a recent online poll that indicates small business owners are more optimistic about their businesses than they’ve been in decades.
Jim Blasingame reveals what a business plan looks like, how and why to create it, and what to do with it after it’s in the binder (hint, not sitting on the shelf).
Jim Blasingame reveals that planning is what you do to manage your business plan over time, and how to create the documents to make planning successful.
Jim Blasingame reveals the four power questions that could help you create leaders in your business and become a legendary leader with a Leadership Tree.
Jim Blasingame talks about the current tendency to criminalize politics and policy and why that’s a danger to our Constitution and Main Street small businesses.
Jim Blasingame reveals how to grow as a business owner by cutting yourself some SLACC, as applied to seven different aspects to running your business.
Jim Blasingame reveals why the current national crisis of not having enough qualified employees to fill available slots has, and will continue as, an economic headwind.