Jim Blasingame

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Jim Blasingame reveals eleven critical financial management fundamentals that every small business owner must know and practice to avoid becoming part of the failure statistic.
Jim Blasingame reveals the evolution of disconnect between Wall Street practices and the real economy, and how current index levels have the potential to harm Main Street small businesses.
Jim Blasingame reveals several 2020 predictions he sees happening in the small business sector, including optimism, capital formation, trade and government challenges.
Jim Blasingame reveals his predictions for what to expect from the economy and tech, including no recession, solid growth, the Fed, and trade deals that will help.
Jim Blasingame reveals his thoughts on what will happen in 2020 regarding the impact of Gen Y on the election, China and Iran on geopolitics, how the U.S. elections will go, and who will win the NCAA championship.
Jim Blasingame reports on the benefits that the world accrues because small business owners are still crazy after all these years.
Jim Blasingame shares his thoughts on how to think about seeking excellence in business and life by getting to the heart of the matter, communicating better, and taking baby steps toward improvement.
Jim Blasingame reports on the foretelling of the coming of the Messiah by the prophet Isaiah as well as what the Apostle Luke had to say about it in his Gospel.
Jim Blasingame mounts a defense against accusations that he’s a scrooge, and reveals why everything about such a person isn’t always a bad thing.
Jim Blasingame reminds us on this Christmas Day that there are thousands of men and women – all volunteers – standing a post around the world, in our defense, many in extreme harm’s way.