Jim Blasingame

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Jim Blasingame tells the story of how Old World and New World individuals came together in 1621 to contribute to the origins of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Happy Thanksgiving.
Jim Blasingame tells the story of what happened to the Mayflower passengers as they first came in contact with the New World, just before they set foot on Plymouth Rock. Happy Thanksgiving.
Jim Blasingame reveals why relevance is your customers’ new prime expectation, plus even if you’re competitive, why customers may rule your business in or out – likely before you know they exist.
Jim Blasingame reveals the power of relevance in The Age of the Customer, how to accomplish it, and why it now precedes competitiveness in the customer decision-making process.
Jim Blasingame reveals six different sources of motivation management that turn this intangible into tangible results you can measure and spend.
Jim Blasingame talks about why he’s focused the past 22 years of his media company on the singular purpose of advocating for small businesses, by delivering information wrapped in tough love.
Jim Blasingame reports on what the NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism tells us about why the Main Street economy is strong and should continue to be.
Jim Blasingame reveals why there is great irony in the fact that our current employment success in America is actually creating an economic headwind, because companies can’t find enough people to do the work that’s available.
Jim Blasingame reveals why, with a $21 Trillion economy, 2.35% annual GDP growth today is much better than 3.34% would have been 20 years ago.
Jim Blasingame celebrates the 22nd anniversary of The Small Business Advocate Show, and shares the story about how it all began back in 1997, and what’s happened since.