Michael Hepworth

Interview with Michael Hepworth

One of the 21st century keys to small business success is to recognize what you're good at and focus your activity on those things, and Michael joins Jim to discuss how to become and stay focused.

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Why don't your customers buy what your small business sells? Michael joins Jim to talk about the three reasons people don't buy your stuff and what you can do about it.
What is the absolute worst marketing mistake small business owners make? Michael and Jim discuss this and explain how to stop doing it.
Michael talks with Jim about how small business owners can work less and make more. It's not magic, but it works.
Mike and Jim talk about why you shouldn't have a singular focus on acquiring new customers. Make sure you're not missing opportunities to grow relationships with existing customers.
Mike and Jim talk about why small businesses should focus more on those prospects who could actually turn into customers, rather than the population of the entire planet. Oh, by the way, they also talk about how to do that.