Jeff Zbar

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Jim and Jeff talk about the cost of connecting to the world through telecommunication lines and how you can save money for your small business.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about how to get motivated in the new year and how to stay motivated throughout.
Jeff joins Jim on Christmas to share what it is like to be a Jew as the rest of the country is celebrating a holiday.
Jeff joins Jim as they decide how much to spend on Christmas presents, who to buy them for, and when to get them.
Jeff and Jim talk about taking things for granted and just acknowledging these things, especially during Thanksgiving.
Jim and Jeff talk about marketing being a matter of getting your name out there, and not just through advertising.
Jim and Jeff talk about the interest in new business that is turning office workers into home based business owners.
Jim and Jeff talk about the new trend of starting home-based business to ensure stability. They discuss how taking this risk does not guarantee success.
Jim and Jeff talk about home-based business and teleworking issues, including SPAM. They discuss why spammers have made it difficult for ligitimate marketers to get their word out.
Jim and Jeff talk about the many benefits of being a home based business owner.