Jeff Zbar

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Jeff and Jim talk about why all small businesses should diversify their customer base to include customers outside of their geographic area.
Jeff and Jim talk about the dos and don'ts of purchasing a laptop computer for your small business.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about the anxious feeling home-based business owners get on Sunday night worrying about all the stuff they have to do, all the stuff they must do, and all the stuff that they're afraid won't get done. <br></["br"]>
Jeff and Jim talk about how to deal with your Internet service provider when there is a problem sending and receiving email, and you know the problem is not on your end. This will happen to everyone, eventually. <br></["br"]>
Jeff and Jim talk about how home-based businesses cope when there is a business disruption like a hurricane.
Jim and Jeff discuss how entrepreneurs can lose their motivation and ways to survive the rut. It's all how you procede to the next level and making sure to check the position of your small business.
Jeff and Jim share some thoughts on what one-person small businesses have to do to balance the critical activities of selling AND delivering what you sell.
Jeff and Jim talk about how to prepare your home office for a natural disaster, and how to prepare your home-based business for what happens when your customers are hit with a disaster.
Jeff and Jim talk about the challenges of managing your business when you're on the road, as well as some of the tips and tools to use.
Jeff and Jim talk about the increased availability of wireless Internet connections, how to use them effectively, and how to make sure you're wireless activity is safe and secure.