Jeff Zbar

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Jim and Jeff share some information about the technology needed to stay in contact with customers while travelling.
Jim and Jeff discuss the damage from the hurricanes in Florida and how business owners there are dealing with it.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about the effects Hurricane Charley had on Floria and why it's importance of having back up power for your business.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about some new camera technology and how small business owners can use it to their benefit.
Jim and Jeff talk about the challenges of squeezing a vacation into a home based business.
Jim and Jeff talk about the pitfalls of involving family in business and how to incorporate your family life into your home-based business..
Jeff joins Jim talk about the growing need of a home office in the American home. Jeff shares some tips on how to make your home office perfect.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about how to get through the tough times in your small business and the attitude you need for success.
Jim and Jeff talk about the different ways you can work out of your home and microenterprising.
Jeff joins Jeff to talk about the swell in media attention home based business is getting.