Jeff Zbar

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Jeff and Jim talk about the power of professional digital assistants (PDAs) and what they're going to look like in the future
Jeff and Jim encourage their listeners not to believe the field of dreams myth, which is “If you build it, they will come.” Just because you have a business doesn’t mean customers will find you. And just because you have customers doesn’t mean that they will come back on their own. If you want more business from your customers, you have to reach out to them.
Jeff and Jim talk about the advantages of the newer personal digital assistants (PDA), like the blackberry for example, that combine email, web browser, contact management and cell phone in one handheld device.
Jeff and Jim discuss how small business owners find what Jeff calls entrepreneurial endurance, which is the ability to persevere as a small business owner in the face of long odds.
Jeff and Jim talk about how micropreneurs can find opportunities through networking and replacing old opportunities with new ones.
Jim and Jeff talk about online vulnerability and the services offered to help protect your computer and privacy.
Jeff joins Jim to help listeners decide which type of home-based business is right for them.
Jeff joins Jim to help wind down this year and get started for the next.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about how to handle inconveniences like jury duty that take time away from your small business.
Jeff joins Jim to help him celebrate seven years on the air and to talk about what has helped make home based business possible.