Jeff Zbar

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Jeff and Jim discuss the importance of paying attention to the demographic make-up of your marketplace, including opportunities to market to seniors.
Jeff and Jim talk about settling with customers and not looking for prospective client then the danger of losing big clients.
Jim and Jeff disuss how small businesses are doing, according to the SBA. They talk about how small businesses drive the economy.
Jim and Jeff first talk about the war in Iraq the day after war is declared. They discuss the loss of productivity that is predicted to happen. Jeff gives tips to business owners how to stay productive.
Jeff and Jim talk about remote access technology that will help people who do a lot of buisiness travel. Jeff explains what it is, and how it is more secure than most people believe. They go on to talk about where and how you can check your information.
Jim and Jeff talk about wireless fidelity and explain how it works. They discuss making decisions about purchasing technology that will give gratification.
Jeff and Jim talk about how easy it is to conduct business even when you are away on vacation.
Jeff joins Jim to talk about some advanced home office issues. The conversation begins with the guys talking about three stages of home-based business ownership. They move on to debate what each one thinks is the most powerful technology for your home-based business.
Beverley is Jim's co-host as they interview Jeff about how to be a successful home-based business owner, including technology issues.