Jeff Zbar

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Jeff Zbar and small business expert Jim Blasingame talk about how to use a blog as an online marketing tool during an interview on the radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show.
Jeff and Jim talk about different ways to be prepared for a disruption of business, whether a hurricane, fire, or whatever, including several ways that technology solutions can help.
Jeff and Jim begin with a discussion on how to prospect when you work alone. As hurricane season approaches, they go on to talk about getting your business and technology storm-ready.
Jeff and Jim talk about how to deal with some of the complexities of being a business owner in the 21st century.
Jeff and Jim talk about what it takes to create "stellar customers service."
Jeff and Jim talk about the challenges of relying on other vendors for the delivery of your products and services.
Jeff and Jim talk about why you should add content to your Web site in order to create a sense of community, and they also offer some ideas on how to do that.
Jeff and Jim talk about all of the different ways your prospects and customers became small business owners and why you need to know their stories in order to build relationships with them.
Jeff and Jim talk about how to get as much done as possible on those days when you're not so motivated.
Jeff and Jim talk about some of the non-business reasons to be a home-based business owner as well as a teleworking employee.