5 Tips to Help Women Grow Their Business

Mary Cantando

Mary Cantando is delighted to share these five ideas from her new Woman’s Advantage Page-a-Day Calendar. The calendar provides thought-provoking words of wisdom from hundreds of successful businesswomen, including many NAFE members!


  1. You can make excuses or you can make money. But you absolutely can’t make both! – There are generally two types of people: those who make the world spin and those who justify why it’s not spinning. The spinners are the ones with the fat bank accounts!
  2. In hiring, remember that an empty house is better than a bad tenant. – It’s far better to be short handed than to be dealing with disgruntled, uncreative, lazy employees. Take your time and make good hires!
  3. No woman ever changed the world by losing five pounds. Put your energy into what really matters. – Focus on your real value to the world. You were put on this earth to do great things…how dare you not live up to that!
  4. As women we are always juggling. Your job is to recognize which balls in the air are rubber and which are glass. As you ramp up every morning, think about the items on your “to do” list. Which of them are glass…important and urgent…and which can be delegated or delayed? Focus on what really matters.
  5. In pole vaulting and in business, your goal is to get over the bar...not to set it so high that you always fail. Although it’s great to have lofty goals, don’t set yourself up for failure. Give yourself some stretch goals and others you know are attainable.

To start every day of your week with this kind of insight, visit www.WomansAdvantage.biz/calendar.

Mary Cantando, speaker and consultant, and author of The Woman’s Advantage
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