Walter Olson

Interview with Walter Olson

Walter joins Jim to talk about the various important documents in history and why they were forged.

Category: Legal

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When everything has a warning label on it, warning labels mean nothing, and Walter joins Jim to talk about how silly our warning label society has become. They also talk about how Sarbanes-Oxley has hurt U.S. competitiveness when it comes to initial public offerings.
Walter talks with Jim about some of the contingent challenges that are possible as a result of technology making our employees always available.
Walter and Jim talk about some of the adversarial and predatory practices of the legal profession, and how these cost small businesses money, time and brain damage.
On the passage of the class action lawsuit bill, Walter joins Jim to discuss how this bill will move class action lawsuits from state courts to federal courts, which will reduce the opportunity for frivolous class action lawsuits. They also talk about the 8-year effort to pass a bankruptcy reform bill as well as other tort reform issues on President Bush’s Agenda.
Walter joins Jim to talk about how lawyers came to rule the marketplace and how they prey on businesses. They discuss a few ways this problem could be solved.