Stephanie Vance

Insider tactics from the DC lobbying world

Teaching lobbying organizations about ethical lobbying. Stephanie Vance joins Jim Blasingame to report that unethical lobbying actually doesn't work, plus steps on how to influence the political process with ethical behavior..

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Is there such a thing as ethical lobbying? Stephanie Vance joins Jim Blasingame to report on her work helping organizations learn how to effectively and ethically lobby politicians.
When is the best time to make contact with your members of Congress? Stephanie Vance talks with Jim Blasingame about when to communicate with your elected representatives, and how to get your message across.
What do small businesses -- and small communities -- do to get their message across to their members of Congress? Stephanie and Jim talk about how to do this as individuals and as communities.
If you want your elected officials to do your bidding, you have to tell them what you want, and Stephanie joins Jim to talk about the most effective ways to make sure your message is heard by your Congressional delegation.
Stephanie joins Jim to talk about some of the recent legislation being debated in Congress as well as what hasn't gotten done.