Interview with Sean Doyle

Don't have a failure to communicate in your ad copy. Sean talks with Jim about some ways to word your ad and marketing communication so that it sounds more like regular people talk, instead of manipulative jargon.

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Pricing of products and services is a critical element of any small business marketing plan, and Sean joins Jim to talk about how to have an effective pricing strategy.
Web 2.0 is the next level of the Internet and Alan talks with Jim about how small businesses can adjust their online strategy to include some 2.0 elements.
Sean talks with Jim about how small business owners can make sure their customers trust them after they find out if they do.
Sean and Jim talk about how to maximize the business opportunity with existing customers first and hunt for new customers second.
Sean and Jim discuss what small business branding is -- and isn't. They go on to talk about how you can make sure you're brand message represents what customers will find when they get to your business.