Interview with Phyllis Martin

Phyllis joins Jim to talk about using the creative process to find naming opportunities for your business, your products or a marketing campaign.

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You know how you cringe sometimes when someone says -- or pronounces -- a word that you know is not correct? Well, Phyllis joins Jim to talk about some of those words and how to use her ideas to make sure you don't cause others to cringe.
Listen to Phyllis as she joins Jim to talk about the importance of using proper grammar as well as the correct words.
There are important words small business owners and their employees should use -- and not use -- and Phyllis joins Jim to talk about some of them.
Phyllis and Jim continue their series on word choices and verbal mistakes that we make.
Phyllis and Jim talk about how to eradicate the pesky incorrect words we use that trip us up and prevent us from being as professional as we could be.