The August 2010 Tatum Survey of business conditions

How are small business owners feeling about the economy right now? Mark Rosenman joins Jim Blasingame to take a look at this month's Tatum Survey and, unfortunately, the responses indicate that the economy is weakening, at least temporarily.

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Reporting on the July Tatum Survey of business conditions, Mark Rosenman joins Jim Blasingame with a rather tepid response from the Tatum Survey respondents, and explains it in a cyclical perspective.
Tatum reports on survey of current business conditions. Mark Rosenman and Jim Blasingame discuss the results of this month's Tatum Survey and the news is lukewarm, as whatever momentum the economy had last month seems to have fizzled.
The May 2010 Tatum Business Survey brings good news. Sam Norwood and Mark Rosenman join Jim Blasingame to talk about the recent Tatum Survey, which has most of the indicators pointing toward a continuing economic recovery.
When do Wall Street practices harm Main Street? Sam Norwood, Mark Rosenman and Jim Blasingame talk about how some Wall Street behavior can cause collateral damage on Main Street.