Jeffrey Dobkin

Interview with Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey and Jim talk about specialized ways for a small business to market their business.

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If you decide to write a book, what are your expectations? Jeffrey Dobkins joins Jim Blasingame to talk about realistic expectations when self-publishing, plus different ways to think about the benefits of being an author.
Do you think you have a book in you? Jeffrey Dobkin joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how technology and the Internet has made it possible for anyone who can write a book to get it published.
Jeffrey Dobkin joins Jim Blasingame to offer tips on how to get your product in front of the specific people who use what you sell by focusing on where they live, work and play.
Do you have a book inside of you, but you don't know what to do with it? Jeff Dobkin and Jim Blasingame discuss their experiences as publishers of their own books, including new technologies that have changed the publishing industry.
Is it crazy to think that a small business would actually fire a customer? What would cause this to be needed? Jeff Dobkin joins Jim Blasingame to explain what it looks like when you should fire a customer and they discuss some of the ways to do it.