Barbara Annis

The dynamism of women business ownership?

Is the 21st century marketplace perfectly suited for women business owners? Barbara Annis joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the opportunities and challenges for women in the 21st century marketplace and how their approach to business differs from men.

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Men and women reach conclusions differently. Barbara Annis joins Jim Blasingame to discuss decision-making differences between men and women and why that can be put to good use.
Men and women communicate differently? Well, duh! Barbara Annis joins Jim Blasingame to report that even though we all know women and men are different, we don't do enough to allow for those differences, especially when we're motivating and recognizing employee performance.
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Why do women and men think and lead differently? Barbara Annis talks with Jim Blasingame about the science behind the differences between the two genders, how to reconcile and celebrate the differences.