Azriela Jaffe

Interview with Azriela Jaffe

Azriela talks with Jim about how to overcome the fear of rejection in life, in selling, and in other aspects of the marketplace.

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Jim and Azriela discuss her new book, Permission to Prosper: What Working Wives Crave From Their Husbands and How to Get it, and successful women in the business world.
A prolific resource on how to deal with the challenges of being an entrepreneur, Azriela talks with Jim about how to deal with business disappointments.
Azriela joins Jim on the Jewish holiday, Passover, and talks about what Passover means to Jews. After that, they move on to discuss strategies to overcome your fear of rejection, and how to succeed with that information.
Azriela joins Jim to talk about the problems, opportunities, surprises, benefits, and critical steps to starting a business with someone you know.