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Joan and Jim discuss the increased revenues states are collecting these days compared to two years ago when states were singing the blues. They go on to talk about reasons for the reintroduction of the 30-year T bill, the heir apparent to Alan Greenspan, the trend in health care premium increases, and new FTC regulations on email marketing, among other things.
Joan and Jim talked about the national and global economy, including Kiplinger's projection for how the U.S. economy will grow over the next 18 months. They go on discuss the future of trade unions, how the Army is working with employers to coordinate recruit training, the Bush influence on the Federal courts, a little bit about Spy Ware legislation, and finally a report on small business taxes.
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about the revelation of the name of the Watergate era mystery person, Deep Throat. They move on to talk about whether Kiplinger thinks there will be a broad pension collapse by major corporations with defined benefits programs. They move on to discuss the future of alternative fuel and the vehicles that will use it, plus recent political issues, like appointments to the Supreme Court.
Joan and Jim talk about a variety of things that Kiplinger covered in their current Letter, including identify theft and some of the things Congress wants to do to protect our private information from getting into the wrong hands. Also various tax issues, as well as the economy.
Joan and Jim discuss key points in the current Kiplinger Letter, including potential housing bubbles, new resources for finding and hiring qualified employees, the impact of big businesses defaulting on their defined benefits pension plans, as well as current legislation and prospects for passage.
Joan and Jim discuss, among other things, the current state of energy prices and how long Kiplinger thinks we should expect high prices (the news is not good). They go on to discuss the economy, Sarbanes/Oxley and the difficulties of Tom Delay and John Bolton are having.
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about what Kiplinger has to say about the current state of the U.S. auto industry. They move on to discuss the IRS report on underreported income by small businesses, followed by a few words about the current state of partisanship in Washington. Other topics include travel to Canada and Mexico from the U.S., and progress in the debate over free trade.
Joan and Jim begin their visit by talking about what Kiplinger has to say about how to hold down healthcare insurance costs. They move on to discuss key trends in the marketplace, including trade, China, and retail.
Joan and Jim talk about what Kiplinger has to say about the stock market in 2005, plus the regulatory environment for small business. They move on to discuss how states are cutting small businesses some slack regarding collecting sales tax, and then a little fun with politics.
Joan and Jim discuss what Kiplinger has to say about the current trade deficit, the role of robots in surgery, postal rate increases, and a flurry of Chinese imports, among other things.