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Joan and Jim review the Kiplinger Energy Forecast edition with a discussion of where we are with regard to fossil fuel reserves and what we must begin doing to make ourselves less dependent on a barrel of oil
Joan and Jim talk about the impact of inflation currently and in 2006. They go on to talk about some of the tax issues that will be completed by Congress and some that won't. Next they talk about the higher cost of getting a loan in 2006, and the possible Supreme Court decision that could hurt the Republicans.
Joan and Jim talk about the progress in global trade talks, and how insourcing has impacted our trade balance. They go on to talk about the current and projected cost of energy, the Fed's 13th interest rate increase in a row, inflation, and the conversion of medical records to electronic form.
Joan and Jim talk about the economy in general and specifically with regard to retail, restaurants and auto makers. They go on to talk about the jobs picture for 2006, tort reform progress, and making sure you're computer is safe from viruses and hackers, among other things.
Joan and Jim begin their visit talking about the "Christmas" debate that's going on around the world. They move on to discuss whether the pensions of failed businesses can become a national economic problem, and Jim has a prediction about this. Next they discuss a number of 2006 economic forecasts, an update on the Avian flu, news about the Patriot Act, and finally, what the IRS is going to be up to in the coming year with regard to small businesses.
Joan joins Jim to celebrate his 8th anniversary show as she first reports on the special life-time achievement award Austin Kiplinger received from the National Press Club. They go on to talk about how Health Savings Accounts are impacting not only the healthcare industry, but also how HSAs are helping employers and employees to have better and more appropriate coverage. Other topics include the national economy, tax issues and the evolution of telephone service.
Joan and Jim begin the visit talking about the lifetime acheivement award Mr. Austin Kiplinger is receiving from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. In case you didn't know, Austin K is one of Jim's heroes. They move on to talk about the stock market, real estate, several economic indicators, including the very exciting jobs numbers, the prospects of Judge Sam Alito, as he moves toward the Supreme Court, and finally, the dangers of theft of intellectual property by foreign firms.
Joan and Jim talk about some of the troubles the GOP are having these days and how they may play out. They also talk about the replacement for Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and what his leadership could mean for the economy. They move on to talk about the increasing costs of business travel, the global economic growth trend, and the impact of China on raw materials.
October is breast cancer awareness month and these two members of our Brain Trust, Paula and Joan, join Jim to talk about their experiences with breast cancer. You don't want to miss their courageous stories.
Joan and Jim talk about the jeopardy the automobile industry is in, as evidenced by Delphi, the largest parts manufacturer in the U.S. recently seeking protection in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They move on to talk about some of the tax reform possibilities, and then on to immigration issues, and finally the impact of higher energy prices.