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Jim and Joan talk about the latest issue of the Kiplinger letters. They discuss the tension between the federal government and the states due to tax cuts.
Jim and Joan talk about how we need a dose of economic realism. Joan goes on to explain what that means. They also talk about what President Bush could have planned for retirement plans.
Jim and Joan talk about what is in the latest Kiplinger Letter. They discuss a war in Iraq and the evidence the President presented to the public about weapons in Iraq.
Joan joins Jim to cover the latest issue of the Kiplinger Washington Letter. They talk about small businesses using unlicensed software and the legal actions taken against people who have used software illegaly.
Joan joins Jim to discuss the issues in the current Kiplinger Letter. She shares the ten things you can expect in 2003.
Joan joins Jim at the beginning of a new year to discuss the most recent Kiplinger Letter. They talk about the implications in the population shifts coming up. Joan and Jim point out how population shifts will implement change in the market place.
Joan and Jim have another great visit as they cover the Kiplinger Letter. This installment is about biotechnology and how it affects us, including medical advances, such as gene therapy, vaccines, etc. Other topics they discuss include banking issues, new electronic capability, OPEC production policies, pet health insurance (no kidding), among other things.
Jim and Joan talk about the most recent Kiplinger Letter, including how workplace changes are affecting employment law, including the advent of email. They discuss some of the various issues email introduces to the workplace, including harassment, "cyber-stalking, etc., and how your company can protect itself from liability exposure. They also talk about other technology issues, such as how resume scanning can create labor law infractions. Later they discuss a number of other labor issues, such as benefits for part-timers.
Joan talks with Jim about national and world economic issues in the fall of 1999, and Jim gets on his soapbox again about raising minimum wage. They move on to talk about how the government changes the way it calculates Gross Domestic Product by including the value of software and other similar assets. They also discuss electronic stock trading, and wrap up with a discussion of healthcare issues.
Joan joins Jim to talk about a number of issues, including the "alleged" federal budget surplus. They move on to talk about a bill in Congress that allows satellite TV broadcasters to be able to carry local stations. Jim gets on his soap box about a proposed minimum wage hike. Another topic of discussion is bankruptcy trends, and what Congress is working on to change bankruptcy laws. Joan reports that Kiplinger predicts the Internet will be a big player in Campaign 2000, including what that will look like.