Dave Anderson

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There are many leadership lessons we can learn from historic and divine leaders, and Dave Anderson discusses with Jim Blasingame some of the traits of leaders such as King David and others. They also talk about some of the most important characteristics of a leader.
What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when trying to survive in a serious economic downturn? Dave Anderson talks with Jim Blasingame talk about several management missteps not to take.
What are the fundamental things that you have to do to survive and thrive in challenging economic times? Dave Anderson talks with Jim Blasingame about the difference between management and leadership, plus why it's important to manage more near-term this year.
How much does motivation play in successful small business management? Dave talks with Jim about this and explains how to look in the mirror to determine if you're a successful motivator.
How can you grow your business without creating a casualty list? Dave and Jim talk about how improving the people in your organization -- including yourself -- may be the key to outrageous growth without casualties.
Difficult customers are often a problem for our small businesses, but how often are we part of that problem? Dave talks with Jim about why it's good business to invest a little extra in these unique prospects and customers.
Dave and Jim talk about the dangers of complacency, how to tell if you have it (if you think you don't you do), and how to get rid of this affliction.
Dave and Jim talk about how to determine if your business has lost its momentum and how to get it going again.
Dave and Jim talk about how to not let political correctness get in the way of your business's performance. Dave helps you understand how to get performance out of your people without being a jerk.
Dave begins his visit with Jim talking about his recent trip to Russia. They continue by launching Dave's new book and talk about how to avoid the politically correct management trap that leads to failure. Dave shows you how and why you should be a more politically incorrect leader.