Dave Anderson

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How can you grow your business without creating a casualty list? Dave and Jim talk about how improving the people in your organization -- including yourself -- may be the key to outrageous growth without casualties.
Difficult customers are often a problem for our small businesses, but how often are we part of that problem? Dave talks with Jim about why it's good business to invest a little extra in these unique prospects and customers.
Dave and Jim talk about the dangers of complacency, how to tell if you have it (if you think you don't you do), and how to get rid of this affliction.
Dave and Jim talk about how to determine if your business has lost its momentum and how to get it going again.
Dave and Jim talk about how to not let political correctness get in the way of your business's performance. Dave helps you understand how to get performance out of your people without being a jerk.
Dave begins his visit with Jim talking about his recent trip to Russia. They continue by launching Dave's new book and talk about how to avoid the politically correct management trap that leads to failure. Dave shows you how and why you should be a more politically incorrect leader.
Dave and Jim discuss three reasons why you should make your employees better, instead of trying to make them happy.
Dave is just back from a trip to Russia, and he brings a report on what things look like there for small businesses. He and Jim go on to talk about how and why you would ever need to fire a customer.
Jim and Dave discuss three key decisions small business owners need to make in order to be successful in the new year.
Dave and Jim discuss three keys to politically incorrect leadership and why they are important.