Beverly Inman-Ebel

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Bev begins her visit with Jim talking about her upcoming trip to Cairo, Egypt. Next topic is how to create a new attitude for yourself and your business.
Bev and Jim talk about some of the things you need to know when you're calling on 21st century small businesses.
Beverly and Jim talk about her recent trip to Lybia (yes, that Lybia) to work with women business owners there to start and grow their ventures.
Bev and Jim discuss how to get your small business team thinking on a new level of creativity, including making sure the owner is not the only one who comes up with the next great idea.
First, Beverly and Jim discuss the state of women's business ownership in the U.S. Later, since Beverly has just returned from a trip to Belarus, in the former U.S.S.R., she reports on the challenges of starting and growing a small business there.
Bev joins Jim to talk about the characteristics of leadership, and how these are different between men and women.
Jim and Beverly discuss diversity and tolerance during the holiday season. They also talk about how to grow your small business.
Beverly joins Jim during National Business Women's Week to honor all the women business owners who make the economy stronger.
Beverly joins Jim to discuss her impression of President Bush when she visited the White House.
Jim and Beverly give some examples of why you can't afford to miscommunicate. They also talk about the National Association of Women Business Owners.