Beverly Inman-Ebel

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Beverley joins Jim to explain why a small buisiness owner can not afford to miscommunicate.
Jim and Beverly talk about change. Now that change has happened, how do you deal with it?
Beverly joins Jim to talk about changes in business and life that require us to alter the way we behave.
Jim and Beverly talk about why you should not be afraid to say you are a salesperson.
Beverly joins Jim to talk about publishing a book in order to grow your business. They talk about how everyone has a book inside them that is worth sharing with someone else.
Jim and Beverly talk about women entrepreneurs and what Beverly and NAWBO are doing to help women in the business world.
Beverly talks with Jim about how to managing your attitude and your altitude. She encourages us to avoid the twin demons of worry and guilt. They continue the discussion by talking about how to use optimism to motivate yourself - how to manage the thoughts that go through your head.
Jim and Beverly discuss ways to improve the way you communicate personally and professionally.
Jim and Beverly discuss how poor communication and listening skills can impact your level of success.