Author: Tim Irwin

Dr. Tim Irwin believes that these leaders suffer from failures of character that are common to each of us--even the most capable individuals. Deficits in authenticity, humility, self-management, and courage become more dangerous as we take on more leadership, and can cause us to ignore glaring signals that might otherwise save us from catastrophic demise. Derailed profiles the collapse of six high-profile CEOs (Robert Nardelli - Home Depot, Carly Fiorina - HP, Durk Jager - Proctor and Gamble, Steven Heyer - Starwood Hotels, Frank Raines - Fannie Mae, Dick Fuld - Lehman Brothers) and the factors that drove their downfalls, finding that derailment actually happens long before the crash and can be avoided. Derailed explains the character qualities that are essential for successful leadership and how to cultivate them so that we can avoid being derailed.

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