Lennox Cornwall

Lennox Cornwall

Lennox Cornwall has been described as a Renaissance Man on account of applying his creativity, leadership and business skills in varied arenas of activity which currently include his writing, coaching and speaking, the ownership of a franchise business, the building of a commercial real estate portfolio, and his patent pending invention with the US Patent Office.

After graduating university with a BS. Honors degree in economics, Lennox enjoyed a successful career in Britain’s Wall Street—The City of London—as a corporate banker. He then fulfilled a boyhood dream of owning his own business before age 30. Initial success was followed by massive failure, with Lennox losing everything – and then some!

Having tasted the freedom business ownership afforded, Lennox recalls the fraction of a second following his crushing failure in which suicide seemed more palatable than getting another job, working for someone else. Good sense prevailed. He started afresh in business and began journaling the manuscript for what is now Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success.

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