Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success

Author: Lennox Cornwall

Of one million people striving for success, 999,999 will experience failure along the way. Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success is for those who've tried and failed, or failed to try through fear of failing.

It reframes failure as the acronym, Fruitful And Informative Lesson Urging Renewed Effort. Thus, one's chances of success are dramatically increased.

The foreword is written by best-selling author, Rodney C Flowers, who is living proof that the right mindset makes all the difference when dealing with what could be perceived as failure. He writes, "You see, whenever we embrace the desire to accomplish something greater in our lives, we all have to make the decision to either step forward into growth and reach for our goals and dreams despite the possibility of failure, or allow our fear of failure to hold us back in a place of ill-conceived comfort and security. Lennox Cornwall provides the remedy to this life-threatening conception of failure with this book, Embracing Failure: Your Key to Success."