Dean Brenner

Dean Brenner

Dean M. Brenner is the President and founder of The Latimer Group, and is a recognized expert in persuasive communication. He is an accomplished executive coach, a dynamic public speaker, a published author, and an Olympic-caliber athlete. With a global perspective, on business and life, Dean has taught The Latimer Group’s methodologies and concepts on five continents, and traveled to more than 20 countries. He has raced Olympic sailboats in 15 countries. He has studied as a graduate student in Europe. And in 2008 he marched as Team Leader in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Dean is also the author of the recently published book Move the World: Persuade Your Audience, Change Minds and Achieve Your Goals, published by John Wiley & Sons. In this book, Dean introduces a step‐by‐step process that will dramatically increase your ability to persuade your audience to follow your lead, buy your product, or invest in your idea.

In addition to his work with The Latimer Group, Dean is currently serving his second four-year term as the Chairman of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Program. In that role, Dean is responsible for leading the coaches, staff and volunteers that support our Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Teams. He is a seven-time national sailing champion, has won five international team racing championships and was a member of the US National Sailing Team for three years.

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