Tom Asacker

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One problem that the marketing field has to deal with today is brand confusion. Tom Asacker tells you why brand confusion is such a big deal. » More
There's a huge dynamic underway, a cultural shift in the world of business accelerated by the rapid adoption of social technologies. Tom Asacker shares the 10 steps needed to make that shift. » More
Can a book help you change? No. But it can help you once you do. Expert Tom Asacker explains the importance of change. » More
Customer stimulation is much more than selling and promotion, and it's your only way forward. Tom Asacker explains. » More
Don't look at branding from an industrial-age concept perspective. Kill that before it kills you and get your brand out there, according to Tom Asacker. » More
The term "brand" doesn't mean what it used to mean, and it's important for you and your small business. Tom Asacker gives the true definition. » More