Tom Asacker

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How do you reach customer loyalty in your small business, whether marketing, sales, customer service, etc.? Just follow the yellow brick road. » More
We are not separate. A brand only knows what it is in terms of its customers. Unfortunately, we tell ourselves a very different story. Expert Tom Asacker explains this idea in further detail. » More
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Is your marketing engaging and appealing to your audience? Tom Asacker tells a story that explains why it should be. » More
Words and images influence people in their brand choices, but they aren't the most important part of your brand. Tom Asacker gives you an example using President Obama. » More
Do you wonder what will happen next year? Tom Asacker gives Nine Predictions for 2009, and he offers some inspiration for small business owners. » More
Move your marketing beyond attitude change to behavior change if you want to make a difference. Tom Asacker shares his insight on the matter. » More
Are you in the words business or the adding value business? Tom Asacker can clarify for you. » More
What can marketers do to create meaning in a world of disintegrating media and demanding consumers? Tom Asacker offers some tips. » More
How can we elicit belief through behavior? Tom Asacker gives some pointers. » More