Your Customer's Customer

Mike Stewart

Know Thy Customer is one of the most sacred and widely quoted commandments in all the historical liturgy of Sales. This is so because customers are simply the raison d'être for sales. They are the only justification for the sales function to even exist at all.

The most successful salespeople base their accomplishments on understanding and responding to the wants, needs, fears, uncertainties, and doubts of their customers, which is the foundation of one of my most favorite sales principles of all time:


Selling is not about salespeople and their products;
Selling is about customers and their problems.

As a result, consultative sales training incorporates strong emphasis on influencing buyer behavior through such techniques as:

- Understanding and appealing to the buyer's behavioral style
- Using extensive discovery techniques and drilling deep
- Creating unique solutions through proficient problem solving
- Developing superior presentation skills
- Handling objections with purposeful competence, and
- Closing with smooth conviction

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Top salespeople become students of business. Conventional wisdom says that they become not only students of their own business - i.e., the sales profession - but also, and more importantly, students of their customers' business.
Therein lies the real payoff!

Knowing your customer's business enables you to see his situation from his perspective and use that knowledge to position your offering to satisfy the benefits that are most important to him. You are then able to push the right buttons to enable him to see you as the solution he's been seeking all along.

The greatest sales secret of all time is applying this principle where it matters most, and that is putting yourself in your customer's place and making his concerns for his customers your concern as well. Your best customers will realize that, as Zig Ziglar so famously said,


"The best way to get what you want
is to help others get what they want."

Become a student of your customers' customers’ business, sell with their needs in mind, and you will become an irreplaceable resource to your customers. This will empower you with the true potential to achieve success beyond your wildest expectations.
The greatest high-level sales secret of all time is:
Sell through your customers to their customers.

To your success, always!


Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional, Registered Corporate Coach and author of Close More Sales!
Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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