In a Tough Economy, Home Office Success is the Only Option

Jeff Zbar

Once upon a time, home office workers always had corporate Americate to fall back on. Kind of like your Safety School in the college application process.

Your business fails? Take a "real" job. Can't hack entrepreneurship? Apply for a 9-to-5 somewhere. Kids're in your hair? Sell 'em. No, wait. Can't do that here.

Move out of the home office and into a gig that puts miles - mentally and physically - between you and the kinders...

In this economy, those options have evaporated with 1.5 million corporate jobs that have vaporized in the past three months.

Your option? Persevere.

As a home-basied business owner or entrepreneur, failure should never be an option. Today, it simply can't be. Where are you going to find a gig - especially one that beats work for yourself from a home-based workspace?

At, we've been here before. In the dot-bomb phenom of the late 1990s, we were kicking on 12 cylinders. Then with the crash, work fell off and we became what I call "under-employed."

Then as now, pink-slipping myself to get a gig somewhere else just won't work. Even if there was ONE out there, it wouldn't pay what I earn today.

So the solution is: Work Harder. Become the Avis of the entrepreneurial arena.

Make one more sales call.

Take a client to lunch.

Send a hand-written card thanking someone for something (a client for work, a vendor for service, an ally for being there...).

Get out of your cave. Attend a meeting. Speak at an event. Promote your brand - beyond the four walls that enclose your space and create a cocoon of confinement.

Plan something big. We have some big ideas we're working on from this home office. They help keep the mind focused on the big picture and the horizon that lies just beyond the wreckage that is today's economy.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Be in it for the long haul.

Because today there is not other option. There is no safety school. You are your tomorrow.

Jeff Zbar, The Chief Home Officer
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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